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Office365 PDF Complete Solution

I've spent way too much time making a few passes at the various issues with PDF files in Office365.
These are some of the solutions that are now included in the solution described on this page.
Open PDFs in Browser
Fix Missing PDF Icon
Add 'Open PDF in Browser' Menu Item
This is a simpler and more complete solution that works on any O365 Edition (P1-E3)
Special thanks to Matt at for helping me test this.
Special thanks to Randall at for fixing issues with extra dots in filenames and folders in doc view.
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PDF Utilities Library
  • Install by simply creating a new Document Library then uploading a few files.
  • Enables Viewing PDF Files in Browser anonymously and Authenticated.
  • Document Hyperlinks Automatically work for PDF files
  • PDF Icon Automatically Appears
  • New Menu Item 'Open PDF in Browser' Appears
  • No Site Template, Workflow, Content Type or Doc Library Template required


 Here's what the results look like on P1 Teamsite:

Get files on your environment:
1) Create a new Document Library called Utilities.

2) Download the the latest version of the Utilities Files.


Now you should have a Utilities Document Library on your top-level site here:


Navigate there to confirm it exists.  It should look like this on P1 (minus the o365 branding on E3):


Now you're ready to add the enhancements to your Document Library Views.  It's a good idea to hide this library from your Left Navigation so curious users don't mess with it.


Enhance your Document Library Views:

 (Repeat the following steps on each Document Library View that you wish to enhance.  Alternatively, you could add the script reference to the site master page using SPD)
1) Open your Document Library View (i.e. AllItems.aspx) and Click 'Edit Page' in 'Site Actions' Menu. 
If you dont see 'Edit Page' you can paste the following at the end of the URL:
2)  Add Content Editor Web Part

3) Setup the CEWP like so:
    1-  Move it to below the Doc List View
    2-  Select Edit Web Part Properties
    3- Specify relative URL for javascript file (use the following, not what you see in the image below)
    4- Select Hidden Checkbox

4) Apply, Save and refresh the page and you'll see the enhancements pictured at the beginning of this article. 
Repeat these steps for every Document Library View to show the enhancements on that page.


If you find this useful, feel free to click the DONATE button and buy me a coffee or something.  :-)


Have a great day!